Domestic interiors

Wallpaper and impossible shelf



Cushion and unreal object(s)



Living room with incipient nightmare



Bathroom mirror with oneiroscope



Liquefying espresso machine



Photon mirror



13 heads

1. A headache is a nightmare in its larval form.

2. The Chimera’s heads are a TV, a book, a smartphone, an argument, a war, a symphony and a broken mirror.

3. Please place your head in its original packaging and return to sender.

4. My head is a trilobite fossil. Thanks to a well-placed hat, most people don’t realise.

5. To achieve happy thoughts, simply unscrew your head and throw it into the nearest well.

6. The head of state’s head was in a state of heady stateliness.

7. An embryonic head on cold shoulders.

8. Did you lose your head in the abandoned factory?

9. Wearing your head upside-down is likely to draw the wrong sort of attention.

10. The nefarious Dr Dedalus opened his patient’s skull and let loose a monster in the labyrinth of his cerebral cortex.

11. I’m sorry. Your brain is too big for your skull. I’m trying, but I don’t think I can jam it in.

12. Our bodies plot against the tyranny of our heads, nostalgic for the night when we forgot ourselves.

13. In the final scene, the headless waiter poured soup into the lap of the gods.