More Mechanical Muses

Here are some recent pictures, additions to the Mechanical Muses set that I put on this website recently. All of these images were created on an iPad, using a mixture of public domain photos and pictures taken with my phone. All images are the copyright of James Knight. All rights reserved. Advertisements

The Bird King’s Muses

The Muse of Amnesia The Muse of Silence The Muse of Unreality The Muse of Glossolalia The Muse of Paranoia The Muse of Anarchy — All of these images are Photoshopped photos I took at Stourhead in Wiltshire. The statues were covered with protective sheets while restoration work was being carried out on the pantheon […]

Head Traumas for Kindle

My new book, Head Traumas, is now available for Kindle here (US) and here (UK). The book is a very cheap and substantial collection of writing and art. Here’s what to expect: A revised version of The Madness of the Bird King. Several other Bird King poems. Mr Punch Dreams and associated poems. Nineteen 13s. […]