I love working with writers, artists and musicians. Here are a few words on (and links to) some of the more notable collaborations I have been involved with.

echovirus12 is a Twitter writing group, set up by Jeff Noon in March 2012. The long chain of microfiction we’re creating is surreal, surprising, protean. Style, subject matter, tone and register change from one tweet to the next, and yet there’s an underlying and unforced coherence.

Transformations is a reworking by several poets of Ovid’s Metamorphoses. The brainchild of the phenomenally energetic and supportive Nicky Mortlock, the project has brought together a diverse range of poets, and is constantly growing in size and scope.

I have collaborated twice with the artist Diana Probst, whose gorgeous watercolour interpretations of my writing resulted in The Madness of the Bird King and 13.

Another artist I’ve worked with is Maxim Peter Griffin, who produced some delightfully colourful, unsettling illustrations for Mr Punch Dreams. Maxim’s pictures bring to mind Hell, as imagined by Patrick Caulfield.

The multi-talented Adam Wimbush created a piece of music based on The Madness of the Bird King a little while ago. Shortly afterwards, he kindly allowed me to use some of his music as the soundtrack to my short film, Dinner for One.

Finally, a word on cosmologgorhea. This is a Twitter collaboration with the poet Richard Biddle. It started as a very structured game, but has since become more spontaneous and free. Here’s the bio I wrote for the account, to give you a flavour: It starts with nothing. Then there are words and word-worlds, multiplying.


One thought on “Collaborations

  1. James, Thanks for mentioning ‘Transformations’. It’s a constant pleasure to see it evolve and grow, and to also be connected to a whole group of talented creatives. And here’s to you for collaborating so enthusiastically and for being part of the ever-growing Ovid community.

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