This page contains pieces that combine text with image. Meaning is for the reader to find, imagine or deduce. The best place to look is in the connections and disjunctions between textual material and visual representation.



Between the sheets
Between the sleeps
Between one thing and another
One word and another

Spaces on a page
Pauses for thought
Little black-outs

What was I saying?


Which you are you now?
Let me find the nighttime you


In bed, in the dark, we meet each other’s strangeness
We speak a different language now
A nocturnal language
Of silences


Half waking
I see moving bodies where the room was
I see you
All your selves


A door opens
A curtain shifts in the breeze

I try to write about it
But it resists expression

We’re in the spaces now
In the pauses
On the threshold




a wing
over a dark sea

looking up from what you’re doing
what you’re not doing
looking up
what I don’t see
or the same thing

when I was eight
I cut my foot on a sea shell

blood is red sea water

put a shell to your ear
you’ll hear your own blood
howling in the night of your body

but you’ve heard that before

let me tell you another

when I was twelve I had my first wank
afterwards I felt anxious and guilty
as if everyone knew
as if they could hear the blood
still surging through me
dragged by a mad moon

neither of us are looking now
maybe we weren’t looking in the first place

the light is changing

a sea mist Photoshops out
the sea
the sky
the beach





then singing again
I’m sure it was that
but not the same song as before
this time sadder

I couldn’t open the door

every time she laughed her teeth showed

trying to
trying to explain

that song
that different song

fuller, more colourful
than before
as I said

trying to explain
that song

and the door
and her teeth

not explain
not the right word
nothing to explain, after all
in the way of meaning
if that’s what you’re after

just a song
a door
her teeth when she laughed

as far as I remember

just a few things


All texts and images on this site are the copyright of James Knight. All rights reserved.


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