More Mechanical Muses

Here are some recent pictures, additions to the Mechanical Muses set that I put on this website recently.





All of these images were created on an iPad, using a mixture of public domain photos and pictures taken with my phone. All images are the copyright of James Knight. All rights reserved.


I’ll mess with your head

Be warned. Head Traumas is out now.

The book is the culmination of just over a year’s work, all stuffed into a book that will cost you a little over £4, should you choose to buy it!

Here’s what’s in it:

A revised version of The Madness of the Bird King.
Several other Bird King poems.
Mr Punch Dreams and a couple of associated poems.
Nineteen 13s.
The snowmen.
Nine ONEIROSCOPE text-image pieces.
The Ministry of Teeth.
Loads of pictures, including Moon Faces, Mechanical Muses, Thresholds.
Loads of other poems.


You can get a copy of the book here.


Here is the third of my contributions to Nicky Morton’s Transformations, a reworking by several poets of Ovid’s Metamorphoses.



I’m tired.
Don’t talk to me.

The headaches are worse.
Real blinders.
They’re particularly bad
when I’m trying to get dressed in the morning.
I can’t think.
Can’t tell if I’m holding a shirt or a skirt.

I can’t explain it.
I’m living a half life,
between one thing and another. Nothing feels right.

I haven’t had an erection in months.

Whenever the room darkens further I see
a mirror cracking,
a face trapped
in its deadly geometry.

Don’t talk to me.

Head Traumas

In a couple of weeks my new book will be out. Entitled Head Traumas, it’s quite a big collection, bringing together the complete texts of my recent books 13 and Mr Punch Dreams (without their colour illustrations), as well as a revised 13-part version of The Madness of the Bird King and numerous other pieces: Mon, The Ministry of Teeth, Thresholds, more 13s, poems, the Oneiroscope… The book will contain lots of monochrome pictures too. And it’ll be dirt cheap.