Cosmic Horror

My new book, Cosmic Horror, has taken on physical form and is out in your world! Poet David Spittle kindly provided a blurb: “A primordial futurism in which no where or when survives beyond its utterance, James Knight’s poetry disembodies itself in the bodily convulsion between animal and digital: impossible and visceral, this ‘wounded cinema’ of language is the ‘nothing poem’ that contains it all.”

This one was a long time coming; most of the poems and visual poems were made during the first UK Covid lockdown in March to May 2020, and although several of them found homes in journals, the complete cycle went through numerous versions and was finalised only this time last year. Until Richard Capener invited me to submit 32 pages of poetry for publication by fledgling publisher Hem Press, Cosmic Horror was a lumbering beast; the page limit forced me to amputate and mutilate, until I had excised three quarters of the original material. This resulted in a much leaner, spikier creature, and one of which I am immensely proud.

You can read earlier reflections on the project, including its genesis, here. And then, if you’re feeling brave, you can buy a copy of the book from Hem Press.

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