Leonora Carrington spiked my dream


Shooting blanks

and it’s about bloody time after all we all voted for it every man woman and child every decent honest straight white Brit everyone with any sense that is not like the PC brigade who say we can’t even beat people up if they’re gay or black what’s wrong with them it’s bloody political correctness gone mad not like in my day in my day we could murder anyone we liked as long as they weren’t proper Brits you know what I mean proper Brits who eat bacon and eggs and watch Eastenders and wank over pictures of the Queen we could murder anyone who didn’t wank over pictures of the Queen back then that was a good time to be alive not like now with the PC brigade telling us we can’t even beat up immigrants or murder people who don’t wank over pictures of the Queen the PC brigade who haven’t got any common sense who haven’t got any old fashioned British decency not like us not like the rest of us not like the majority of true Brits who voted for it who voted for it because it will give us back our sovereignty our voice our way of life our curved cucumbers our right to deport anyone with a funny sounding name our right to post shit through letterboxes our right to bang the drum our right to wank over pictures of the Queen I am a true Brit I was born here just like my father before me and his father before him we ain’t never consorted with aliens we ain’t never diluted our blood with foreign muck you wouldn’t even catch me dipping my wick in any of them foreign birds though I’ve thought about it and it disgusts me it makes me sick to my bleeding stomach just thinking about it I’ve thought about it many times it disgusts me I could vomit I could spew I really could just thinking about it when every man woman and child every honest hard working man woman and child in Great Britain voted to stop that kind of thing voted to ban it stop it bin it throw it out throw them out with their funny names they don’t even eat bacon what’s wrong with them they don’t belong here none of them when was the last time they wanked over pictures of the Queen never that’s when they don’t know the meaning of the word patriotism so it’s about bloody time now we’ve voted for it it’s about time it happened it should have happened already should have happened when we voted for it what’s the delay bloody Eurocrats clogging up the works bloody foreigners still ordering us about we voted for it so it should happen now we all voted for it every man woman and child it’s our right we need to do it despite them moaners saying it’ll ruin the economy despite them moaners saying it’s economic suicide we should bloody do it anyway who needs the economy the economy was invented by bloody foreigners building flashy glass buildings in London well good riddance I say they can bugger off they can bugger off and take their economy with them who needs it anyway when was the last time you were hungry or ill and the economy made you better never that’s when because the economy is nothing it’s just a word it’s probably a foreign word French I should think or probably German we don’t need it I don’t need an economy thank you very much I can wank over pictures of the Queen without an economy thank you very much I can do whatever I like without the slightest need of an economy thank you very much