This is a non-exhaustive list of places where my work has been published.

Journals and periodicals

Action Books Blog – In Praise of the Monstrous: 9 Broken Reflections, October 2020

Alienist Manifesto, Death Machines (visual poems), May 2021

Anamorphoseis Visual poem from Frozen Meat, February 2023

Anthropocenetwo visual poems from The Murderer Threatened, October 2019

Arc Magazinea visual poem from Cosmic Horror, June 2021

The Babel Tower Notice Board three prose poems, September 2020; two visual poems from Cosmic Horror, January 2021; review of in dim forgotte(n) by Michael Mc Aloran, April 2021

Bear Creek Gazette Four poems from Cosmic Horror, May 2021

Beir Bua Journal – Ritual 2 (film poem), April 2021; Wet Machine, Soft Topographies and Sack (visual poems), May 2021; Etude V (visual poem), April 2022

Burning House PressThree prose poems (February 2018); Tripped Tych (three visual poems), July 2018; Blood Objects (visual poems), November 2018; Diptych (a collaboration with Susan Omand), February 2019; Three prose poems, July 2019; Two visual poems from Chimera, September 2019; what starts as a toothache (visual poem), January 2020; show home (visual poem), February 2020, map of the underworld (visual poem), March 2020; Two poems, May 2020

Buzdokuz A visual poem from Frozen Meat, April 2022; six visual poems from Frozen Meat, June 2022; two visual poems from 21 Blank Spaces, November 2022.

Cutbow QuarterlyMirage Teeth (visual poem), December 2022.

DéracinéTwo poems, May 2019

Empty Mirror Three visual poems from Monster, November 2019

FATHERFATHER Hot Flesh 1 (visual poem), August 2022

Feral Six visual poems from The Sea as a Metaphor for Death, August 2020

Filling StationTwo visual poems, June 2020

Fur-Lined Ghettos #9Three poems, June 2019

Guest #4Pyramid (visual poem), May 2019

Ice Floe Press Two visual poems from (dis/re)membered, February 2020; Two visual poems from Cells, May 2023

Ink, Sweat & TearsCockroach (poem), February 2019

The Interpreter’s House #71Two poems, June 2019; an organism is an event (poem), October 2020

Luvina #95A selection of texts (translated into Spanish), July 2019

Mellom Press Triple Trick: the Reality of Power (visual poem), and The Reality of Power (film poem), May 2020; The House of Jealousy (visual poem), July 2020

MercuriusMoth and Tree (prose poems), June 2021; Visual poems from Cosmologgorhea, July 2021

Monomer TV Fatherhood (film poem), April 2020

Minor Literature(s)Review of The Isle of Minimus , June 2016; review of The Absolute Gravedigger, May 2017; review of Takeaway, March 2018; creative essay on La Pierre de la Folie, May 2018; Two visual poems from Monster, August 2019

New Boots & Pantisocracies Who was he? (translation of a prose poem by Paul Colinet), April 2020

Occulum Subject/Object #4 – Gift (prose poem), November 2018

Open Polyversity Poems and artwork, May 2019; Poems and visual poems, July 2020

Osmosis Press – la mer (poem), April 2021; Persephone Meltdown (visual poem issued as limited edition postcard), August 2021

Pamenar PressGorgon (visual poem), August 2019; three biomorphic visual poems, December 2021

PetrichorThe love in the heart of my screen (from Monster), January 2020

Photo Poetry Surfacesthree visual poems, June 2021

Poem Atlas – All the rooms are filled with water (visual poem), December 2019; Three visual poems, August 2020

Prague MicrofestivalCosmic Horror (film poem), October 2021

RIC JournalTwo visual poems from the sea as a metaphor for death, April 2020; Medium (poem), July 2020; Consolation (poem), August 2020; a severed head (poem), September 2020; four visual poems from Frozen Meat (“red poems”), July 2022

Riggwelter #26 Artwork (including cover art), October 2019

Seiren – The physics of death (visual poem), June 2020

SelffuckFive poems from Cosmic Horror, November 2020; Annihilation, Happy Enemies and Worm (visual poems), May 2021; an excerpt from Bodies, November 2021

Silver PinionTwo poems, February 2019; Dreams (poem), March 2019; Two poems, November 2019; Two poems, June 2020 (print edition)

Sparkling Tongue PressPale Constructions and Hot Waltz, or the Poem is a Zombie (visual poems), December 2022

Spontaneous PoeticsInterview, plus a poem from Cosmic Horror and two visual poems from (dis/re)membered, November 2020

Streetcake Magazine Shuttered (visual poem), December 2020; Etude II (visual poem), May 2022

Strukturriss – an excerpt from Bodies, December 2021

Sublunary Editions subscriber mail out – Six poems from Cosmic Horror, November 2020.

Talking about strawberries all of the time A bath fills with hot water (visual poem), October 2019; Three visual poems from Chimera (April 2020)

Tentacular – MechaMaddona™️ Consumes the Blood of the Poet (visual poem), February 2023

ToCall – Dark Matter (from a series of visual poems), September 2019; crEYEsis (visual poem), March 2022

Trickhouse Filmsthe poem exists, the book does not (film poem), September 2022

Visual Verse – Burning Wood (prose poem), March 2018

Writers Kingston Organism (film poem), February 2021

Wyrd Daze 7 Three biomorphs (visual poems), cover art and an interview with my muse, the Bird King, November 2019

ZenopressCanon (poem), January 2019



Fake, Corrupted Poetry, March 2020

Hit Points: an anthology of video game poetry, Broken Sleep, May 2021

Living with other people: an anthology for indefinite times, Corrupted Editions, December 2022

The Luas is Free: Beir Bua Press 2021 Anthology, Beir Bua Press, December 2021

The Mouth of a Lion, Steel Incisors, May 2021

Myth & Metamorphosis, Penteract Press, October 2020

Oomph! Contemporary Works (vol 3): A Multilingual Anthology, Oomph! Press, August 2022

Photo-Poetry Surfaces, Hesterglock Press, June 2021

Prague Microfestival 2021 Anthology, Prague Microfestival, December 2021

Reflections, Penteract Press, October 2019

Temporary Spaces, Pamenar Press, January 2020

Text-Isles, Poem Atlas, September 2021

The Trickhouse Press 2022 Annual, Trickhouse Press, December 2021

Virtual Oasis, Trickhouse Press, April 2021


Books, Chapbooks & Other Papery Products

2023 Visual Poetry Calendar (w Michelle Moloney King), Beir Bua Press, October 2022

Bloods Dream, Beir Bua Press, July 2021

Chimera, Penteract Press, June 2020

Cosmic Horror, Hem Press, November 2022

Cosmologorrhea (w Richard Biddle), Steel Incisors, July 2022

(dis/re)membered, Steel Incisors, November 2020; expanded edition January 2022

Frozen Meat, Sweat Drenched Press, June 2022

Machine, Trickhouse Press, August 2020

mother tongue, Colossive Press, May 2021

The Murderer Threatened, Paper View Books, October 2021

Rites & Passages, Salò Press, March 2021

Self Portrait by Night, Sampson Low, January 2020

Void Voices, Hesterglock Press, October 2018


Self-published books

I have several books up at, including collaborations with artists.