Frozen Meat

Last month saw the publication by the wonderful Sweat Drenched Press of a new slim volume of visual poetry, Frozen Meat.

Frozen Meat explores the paradoxical stasis and explosiveness of written language; in poetry and musical scores, for instance, signs are fixed to the page but create sound, movement, flux in the mind of the reader and when performed.

I’m also interested in the human body as dynamic sigil, forever changing and open to interpretation, and so several of the visual poems feature fragmented or ambiguous human figures. Georges Bataille lurks in the background here and there, for example in the figure of the headless man, symbol of the human animal, free from reason and hierarchy.

Above all, I wanted in these pieces to suggest the liberation of language, its life as an entity of which are are never (and should never be) the masters.

You can buy Frozen Meat here (UK), here (US), here (Canada), or direct from the publisher.

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