Mad Music for the Bird King

As a fan of electronic and acousmatic music, with a large collection of works by the likes of Bernard Parmegiani, Francis Dhomont and François Bayle, I am thrilled to announce that the Bird King now has his own electroacoustic soundtrack, in the form of The Madness of the Bird King (Sonically Reconstructed) by the talented composer and writer Adam Wimbush.

I approached Adam a few weeks ago, to ask if he’d be interested in composing a piece based on my twelve-part poem, The Madness of the Bird King. Having heard some of his work online, I thought he’d be able to capture the mystery, lunacy and whimsical nightmarishness of the Bird King’s world. I was right.

It’s very exciting to think that the Bird King now has a poet, a painter – the wonderful Diana Probstand a composer expressing his murmuring, murderous, mechanical soul.

The Bird King is a multimedia monster!

You can listen to Adam’s composition here.


  1. The music is great – Is there a way to make it load quicker on my clunky system?

    I received your book and read it immediately, of course. I love the words and the illustrations – the whole thing is wonderfully off the wall. Thank you James x

    • Hi Julia! Hmmm… Don’t know about speeding up music loading time, I’m afraid. Not my area of expertise!

      Glad you like the book. Of everything I’ve written, it’s the piece I’m most proud of. I’ll be buying your book very soon… J x

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