Myth Mashups!

I’ve long been fascinated by the points of intersection between ancient Greek myths and more recent folklore. Themes and motifs recur over centuries: transgression and punishment, mirrors, terrible eyes, mazes, curses, liminality, rites of passage, monsters. All very Jungian. In recent weeks I’ve written several pieces that combine two or more myths from different traditions, in fictive mashups. Here are a few.

Poor Theseus, lost in the wooden corridors! The shadow birds ate his breadcrumbs and he can’t find his way out. A bullish witch hunts him.
(Theseus + Hansel & Gretel)

She pauses before the door to the forbidden room. The apple-shaped doorknob is warm, smooth. In her other hand: a key like a snake’s tongue.
(The Book of Genesis + Bluebeard, published as part three of Grandma’s Eyes)

In the Medusa coils of Grandma’s floral wallpaper: the statue of a wolf.
(Medusa + Little Red Riding Hood, published as part twelve of Grandma’s Eyes)

Request a myth mashup!

If you tweet me the word MASHUP and the names of two stories or characters, each from a different category listed below, I will write you a mashup tweet. If you don’t have a Twitter account, send me your request as a comment on this post. Go on, challenge me!

Here are the categories to choose from. Remember, the stories you name must come from different categories.

Ancient Greek or Roman myth
North, Central or South American pagan myth
The Bible
Norse legend
European folktale

I look forward to hearing from you!

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