The Myth Mashups You Requested

Since inviting people to request Myth Mashups yesterday, I’ve had several responses. Below are the results of my endeavours, each with a note detailing the request and who made it.

Some of these work better than others. I know which ones I like. I’d be interested to hear your views!

The Mashups

Weeping, Poseidon abandons his children to waves frothing with hunger. They sink, boy and girl, deeper, deeper, into dark, sweet oblivion.
(@OpinionGeeks requested Atlantis + Grimm (I chose Hansel & Gretel))

A spotlight on the curtain, as it is slashed by 300 clawed hands, to reveal three giants, feasting on raw lamb chops. Thunderous applause.
(@Wrong_Triangle requested the Book of Revelation and the Hekatonkheires)

After years of trying to learn what fear is, the boy meets an ancient man, withered to a stump, whose death-starved gaze makes him shudder.
(@RenZelen requested Methuselah and a Grimm tale, The Boy Who Went Forth to Learn Fear)

Bad Beowulf was a beastly boy.
He broke Grendel, my favourite toy.

While he slept in his little bed,
My dogs broke in and ate his head!
(@BenCoopEr666 requested Beowulf and Bad Frederick from Struwwelpeter)

Manacled to the rock, the goddess shrieks words that are flames, igniting the clouds. Her womb is a grave to her returning sons & daughters.
(@minafiction requested Prometheus and Coatlicue)

On that wet Thursday Alice was quite thunderstruck to realise that the rain, hammering down, was washing reality away, to reveal Wonderland.
(@fkmuse requested Thor and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)

Hanging on the cross, the furious poet incites the breaking of his own laws. His spear, inscribed with dead sonnets, is a thorn in his side.
(@kneeldowne requested Christ and Odin)

After centuries of vegetating in silence, the Green Man disgorges 300 sapling sons, armed with grass blades. They destroy our grey cities.
(@TheBinkeyAnnexe requested the Green Man and the legend of the 300 Spartans)

As he flew too close to God, the wax on his arms melted & the feathers fell away. Later, 5000 men feasted on the bread of his broken body.
(@littledeaths68 requested the feeding of the 5000 and Icarus)

Naked, terrible, mad with wisdom, the Grim Weaver makes a tapestry showing death in all its manifestations, then hoots at you like an owl.
(@DianaProbst requested Athene and Death)

If you would like me to write you a Myth Mashup, click here to find out how.

All texts on this site are the copyright of James Knight. All rights reserved.


Medusa-Christ: a Photoshop Mashup

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