time lines


Very soon I shall be releasing an anthology of writings called time lines. The book is a collection of works by six authors (including me), all of whom have published and collaborated on twitter.

The other five authors are @littledeaths68, @gadgetgreen, @sandcave, @welloverthought and Mina Polen, whose work can be found on this blog and whose twitter handle is @minafiction.

The six of us are quite diverse, in terms of our subject matter and styles. But we share a preoccupation with inner worlds, an interest that has found expression through the solitary communion of social networking. Many of the poems and prose poems in the collection started life as tweets.

I hope to publish the book through Lulu before the end of the month. It will be an inexpensive print-on-demand paperback of around 220 pages. An ebook version may follow.

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