13 items discovered at the murder scene, the interior of a Punch and Judy booth

1. An uncooked black pudding.

2. A glass eye, with a thin crack running across the pupil.

3. A length of rope, frayed at one end.

4. An old-fashioned Gladstone bag, containing some forceps, a stethoscope, hypodermic needles of various sizes and a vial of blood.

5. A battered bowler hat, on which the words “KISS ME QUICK” have been written in Tipp-Ex.

6. A soiled nappy.

7. A crayon drawing, depicting a man with a beak and feathers protruding from the back of his neck.

8. A copy of Razzle. Many of the models’ faces have been scribbled over with a black felt tip.

9. An iPod containing only three tracks: Greensleeves, Jerusalem and Anarchy in the UK.

10. An empty bottle of Daddies sauce.

11. A bunch of withered red roses, tied with string to the top of a heart-shaped box of chocolates (empty).

12. A broken hand mirror, smeared with red lipstick.

13. A glove puppet, bearing a strong resemblance to the prime suspect in this case.


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