Part 4 of my Mr Punch 13

What follows is part 4 of Mr Punch Dreams, or 13 items discovered at the murder scene.


4. An old-fashioned Gladstone bag, containing some forceps, a stethoscope, hypodermic needles of various sizes and a vial of blood.

In the red gloom of the booth,
Mr Punch pops pills.
They make his nut go fuzzy.

Frilly flowers!
Starry sky!

Pale poems pour from him.

“What a lovely tree!” says Mr Punch. Its blossom: Jack Ketch’s rose-red ninny noggin, hanging on a rope. “You ill?” chortles Mr Punch, hitting Ketch’s dangling feet with his slapstick. “You look ropey! What the matter?”

Thank you very kindly, but me very well where I am. This very nice place, and pretty prospect.

Mr Punch’s brain is broken.
Thoughts fizz
across fried circuitry.

But one idea recurs,
throbbing, strong:


You can read parts 1 to 3 of this piece here. All of the texts on this site are the copyright of James Knight. All rights reserved.

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