13 unconnected moments

1. A fly walks in circles over a statue’s forehead.

2. Your eye is drawn to a small key, lying in the grass.

3. A car reverses into a tree.

4. After glancing casually at a mannequin in a shop window, a man does a double-take, then steadies himself and walks on.

5. A door opening onto a red corridor.

6. Everything stops working, all at once. They assume it’s a power cut.

7. A man tweets about an anthropomorphic bird while sitting on the loo.

8. The electric fan blows her hair into your face.

9. Rain on dark windows.

10. He pushes the door, trying to get into the shop, despite the “Closed” sign.

11. The Red Admiral on the fence, wings together, still.

12. Eyes scanning a newspaper, reading nothing.

13. The grand finale consisted of a clown playing tunes on bottles.


All texts on this site are the copyright of James Knight. All rights reserved.


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