I’m excited to announce the creation of Chimera, a group of adventurous writers and artists.

I started the group because I love collaborating, and I wanted to invite some people whose work I admire to form a small Internet community. To give an idea of the guiding principle behind the group, here is the brief mission statement I wrote for Chimera:

Mythology: a composite monster.

Here: an online entity comprising several writers and artists.

Children make pictures, poems and stories playfully, adventurously, unconstrained by considerations of realism, theory or convention.

So do we.

I’ve little time for the self-conscious, theory-bound formalism of the remnants of the avant-garde. But I relish free experimentation, childlike adventures in words and pictures. The astonishingly talented individuals I invited to join Chimera exhibit the intuitive creativity I value. To see who they are, click here.

The Twitter account allows all members to tweet pictures, texts, links to their work, nonsense, polemics, anything they like, except retweets and product plugs. The blog is an opportunity to post longer works.

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