Lights out

when they switched the lights off it was actually easier to see what we were doing I don’t mean we couldn’t see before we could it just got easier we could work out the contours and where it began and ended though there was some discussion about which end was which but that didn’t really matter all we cared about was the job in hand so not having glaring light bearing down on us and making everything white was a boon for want of a better word and we started to quite enjoy the process despite the filth and the noise well it was rewarding in a way not financially but rewarding in the sense that we were all in it together working towards whatever it was and one or two of us even managed to sing a bit it wasn’t easy to hear but there was some singing it made us feel almost normal as if what we were doing was almost natural and what you’d expect anyway it diverted our minds but not so much that we couldn’t get on with things there was a lot to do and no one to guide us or explain the plan still at least we could see things a little better now that it was darker and not so white not so bright


Copyright James Knight. All rights reserved.

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