The Bird King is Real

The Bird King is the IMF, Janus dreambeast of Milton Friedman caressing with rotating claws the exposed bellies of wounded nations, shrieking AUSTERITY CUT SELL LAY OFF CUT CUT CUT SUPPRESS OPPOSITION SELL OFF CUT CUT CUT CUT CUT CUT, freely cutting up eviscerating enterprisingly standing back finally from the blasted carcass to light a cigar, this port is simply divine, won’t you have another, sniffing out the next

The Bird King is Assad who used to be such a good little boy didn’t he, promising not to play with his chemistry set (look, behind his back: fingers crossed!), sad that the manicured illusion the broad smile the wife who shops til she drops are no longer being broadcast, angered by indignant cries accusations mobilisations, how dare these people make embarrassing noises on the whole world’s a stage, why don’t they lie down when my good soldiers riddle them with red roses

The Bird King is Pena Nieto spitting feathers he can’t believe his eyes just look at what’s going on in Mexico City right under his beak it’s disgusting that these people should question my integrity he scratches and rasps and when you shake his hand his claws grip

From a work in progress. Copyright James Knight. All rights reserved.

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