13 Deleted Scenes, From a Film Existing Only in the Mind of the Director

1. A panning shot of the room glimpsed briefly in the final scene. Stuttering fluorescent tubes, cracked walls, smashed bottles, a camcorder still recording.

2. Man A greets Man B with a slow wave. Hot LA traffic thunders between them, breaks the gesture into morse code.

3. Alessandra Lucenti’s character sitting alone on the terrace of the ruined hotel, laughing.

4. The young couple strew their clothes over sand and run into the inky sea.

5. In the aftermath of the explosion, smoke cocoons a man wearing an eye patch and leaning on a walking stick.

6. The Director locks his hotel room door and turns back to the woman lying naked on his bed. A fly walks around the rim of a tumbler of whiskey.

7. A montage, in which we see all six main characters asleep.

8. A moonlit night. Man B walks by the towpath, hands in his pockets, head lowered, whistling the tune heard by Man A on the staircase.

9. The man with the eye patch is disturbed by an unusual cloud formation.

10. Leaving the theatre, James Knight and the Director argue over the casting of Alessandra Lucenti as the blind poet.

11. The girl on the reception desk picks up her scissors, cuts the silk ribbon and opens the white box. Inside is a maggot.

12. A repeat of scene one, with Man B taking the place of Man A.

13. A close-up of a wet black disc, radiating blue. The camera pulls back, to reveal the Director’s eye.


This piece is dedicated to Kneel Downe, author of Virulent Blurb: Fractures. Visit his website here.

All of the texts on this site are the copyright of James Knight. All rights reserved.

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