For Kneel Downe

Reading you is a fumbling tumble down a rabbit-hole, a fall into a black hole, a journey through a wormhole into a mad mad universe that is a mirror to your gladly mad mind

Reading you is a shock, a surprise, enchantment for grown-ups who don’t think like grown-ups, kids masquerading as adults (when they can be bothered), feverish-fingered followers, psychonauts, dreamers

Reading you is like happening upon Allen Ginsberg shooting poems in a sci-fi film set buzzing with androids, hybrids, violence, danger

Reading you is like crashing through the looking-glass

Reading you is like bungee-jumping into eternity

Reading you infects my dreams with virulent viral oneiric dramas, hardboiled scenarios simmering in neon-shocked smoke, harsh voices talking tough, wolfish fun

Reading you exposes the less prolific, makes me feel a bit ashamed as I place my matchstick monsters next to your towers of invention

Reading you connects the disconnected, aligns the maligned, delights the disenchanted

Reading you reminds me why reading is important

Reading you I’m reading you – a true voice and a true friend


Kneel Downe’s book, Virulent Blurb: Fractures, is out now.

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