13 Sounds Heard by a Mannequin on a Stormy Night

1. An intake of breath like a rush of cold water over rocks.

2. The ticking of innumerable clocks, muffled behind cotton.

3. The red sounds: laughter, shouting, barking, roaring.

4. The cranium of space opening on constellation hinges, then angels falling, bellowing brightly.

5. Something scuttling along the wainscot.

6. The dry, papery sound of men’s voices in the coffee-stained conference room.

7. A flicker of silence, like an owl’s eyes among spectral trees.

8. A sobbing orgasm.

9. Splintering wood. Open up! Open up! We know you’re in there!

10. The drawl of a lost poem, smoking into space.

11. Liquid machines expelling knives, bottles, parakeets and prisms.

12. A vow that turns into a curse, close to the ear.

13. Industrious chatter, a metallic clang. A voice like a tower: Silence on set, please!


All of the texts on this site are the copyright of James Knight. All rights reserved.

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