13 Disturbing Objects, Recovered from a Hypnosis-Induced Nightmare

1. The head of a porcelain doll, face shiny with white paint. A red slash denotes the mouth. The eyes resemble those of an insect.

2. A fifty pound note, on the back of which is a handwritten message, in thick black ink: NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING.

3. A greyish-yellow cocoon, the size of an adult’s head. A faint whirring noise can be detected coming from inside it.

4. A well-used copy of the complete works of Shakespeare. All of the words appear to have been burned onto the pages.

5. Something that could be a hand, or perhaps a cephalopod of some sort. When we attempt to examine it more closely, it loses definition.

6. A grandfather clock, whose hands have been replaced with knives. It strikes the quarter hour with a rasping clatter.

7. A blue rose.

8. A cardboard box full of smashed lightbulbs.

9. Some sort of primitive adding machine, with levers, buttons & dials. Although it does not seem to run on electricity, it glows faintly.

10. A twisted, resinous form; perhaps a dismembered tree.

11. A saucepan containing a reddish liquid, in which a small green fish swims tirelessly, in clockwise circles.

12. A shop window mannequin, onto the back of which a pair of skeletal ostrich wings has been inexpertly grafted.

13. A brown leather handbag, zipped shut. Occasionally, something flutters spasmodically inside it. We have not opened it yet.


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