New material in time lines


Most of the poems and prose poems I contributed to time lines were new and had not appeared in print before.

Here is the complete list. Only those with asterisks have appeared in my previous books. “Phases” is a revised, augmented version of the poem that appeared in The Death of the Bird King.

When the Bird King Died
Medusa Variations
13 Pieces of a Broken Mirror
At Night the Mannequins Play Dead*
Broken clocks hand out wrong times
13 Deleted Scenes…
Cars crouch on wet driveways
Days of the Snowman*
Mirrors reflect in melancholy
13 Disturbing Objects…
At Seaton Beach
13 Transformations…
The Oneiropoem
Brassai in Paris*
Grandma’s Eyes
The Bird King Lies Dead

You can buy time lines here.

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