Tonight sees the start of a Twitter collaboration with Richard Biddle, one of my fellow time lines poets.

The project is @cosmologgorhea. The name is a portmanteau word, combining cosmos with loggorhea (an uncontrollable verbal outpouring or incoherent talkativeness). Our subject matter is the Big Bang and subsequent development of the universe (no less!), expressed here through linguistic cosmology, words whirring and spinning, word-worlds evolving, revolving.

Here’s how it works. We take it in turns to tweet. Each tweet must contain three words DMed by the other author, and must build on the previous tweet. We want to create a continuous narrative, though the artificiality of including the rogue DMed words will force it to take surprising turns.

Richard has DMed me three words. So I’ll be tweeting first.

Neither Richard nor I have any idea how the story will develop. Please follow @cosmologgorhea and find out with us!

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