13 unusual silver charms, attached to the bracelet you found under your pillow after the thunder storm

1. A teddy bear with two heads.
2. A heart with a large crack zigzagging down the middle.
3. A bird’s foot, scimitar-clawed.
4. A serpent, twisting around an apple.
5. A brain.
6. A pig’s trotter.
7. A hammer and sickle.
8. An exquisitely coiled turd.
9. A grinning moon.
10. A lightbulb.
11. The head of Mr Punch, bleakly benign.
12. A clenched fist.
13. An ornate capital B, or perhaps the number 13.

This 13 is dedicated to Diana Probst, whose idea it was. All texts on this site are the copyright of James Knight. All rights reserved.


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