I was wired up

I was wired up all wrong
So the circuits don’t work
As you’d expect
I was wired up all wrong
Wired up fired up tied up fried pup
Yapping at heels of invisible monsters
Lapping the sore shores
With the Bird King’s black tongue
Black fun with black clouds
Thunderous applause sometimes
From a cloud of iron filings
And my head my sorry head
Jaw all skewed
Beady birdy eyes
Rolling like a boulder like a snowball
Hardening beneath determined gloved hands
Rolling like empty waves
Smashing glass on black sand
Shattering the sky’s mirror
Where the leering bleary faces
Of my identikit grotesques
Line up roll up roll up come see roll up roll up
Monolithic mad megalomaniacal murderous mummies’ boys
Such as I am
Dispersed diluted drowned forgotten
In these waters
I was wired up very badly and madly
And sadly old Papadad doesn’t know me
I was wired
I was wired up
I was wired
What was I saying
I was wired up and my muscles turned to stone
From looking too longingly at Medusa and Judy and Eve
From looking too lovingly at phantoms
Vitals ossifying
Mind petrifying
A minefield where bodies fly apart and stay suspended in air
Thick with Mr Punch’s secret dread

Dusk is the pleasantest time of day


All texts and images on this site are the copyright of James Knight. All rights reserved.

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