Temporary Spaces

(dis/re)membered 5 – what hopeful chimera

Although our intrauterine life has been studied and documented, it remains to us a mysterious, unremembered period, in a space we labour to imagine.

Four visual poems from a new series called (dis/re)membered are on display at the Poetry Society Café in London, in an exhibition curated by Astra Papachristodoulou and Nic Stringer called Temporary Spaces. The other contributors are Stephen Emmerson, Simon Tyrrell, Silje Ree, Claire Collison, Paul Hawkins, Sarah Dawson, Matt Martin, Michelle Penn, Stephen Mooney, Nic Stringer and Astra Papachristodoulou.

Living a long way from London, I have yet to visit the exhibition, but I plan to next month. It’s on until 22 February, so if you’re in the Big Smoke between now and then, pop along to 22 Betterton Street (near Covent Garden).

Independent publisher of experimental literature Pamenar Press has released a beautiful anthology to accompany the exhibition, which you can purchase here.

Another visual poem from my (dis/re)membered series is up at the January edition of Burning House Press, edited by ReVerse Butcher.

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